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Wholesale + Pop-Ups

Thank you so much for your interest in Omáge! 

O m á g e- Inspired by the French pronunciation of (the word) hommage, Omáge is an accessible luxury brand created as an ode to honor ourselves while honoring others. Our mission is to make uncompromisingly sustainable yet thoughtfully designed seasonless essentials. Handcrafted pieces that not only look good but fit well and feel incredibly opulent.
By manufacturing locally, producing in limited quantities, and using only the finest quality natural and low impact fibres, we proudly give you designs that are made in a socially and environmentally responsible way. 


-The fabric we use is 100% Lyocell,  some key properties and why it is sustainable: 

  • Lyocell is a sustainable fabric made from renewable raw wood. 
  • Lyocell, certified bio-based fibers is made using a “closed loop” process which means that the chemicals used in production do not get released into the environment making the production process environmentally responsible. 
  • It is created in an Oeko-Tex Certified mill which means this certification controls the use of chemicals used in the production process, as well as ensuring that there are no harmful substances remaining in the end product which could irritate/damage the skin or release any harmful residues when washed. 
  • 100% Biodegradable + Compostable.
  • Hypoallergenic (safe for sensitive skin) + anti-bacterial (bacterial growth is prevented through the fiber’s moisture management, clothes remain odor free for multiple wears, this also means fewer washings).
  • Thermoregulating to help maintain a comfortable body temperature.
  • Lyocell is 50% more absorbent than cotton.
  • Lyocell is breathable, strong and gentle on skin with a soft, silky texture.


-Production, Wholesale Orders:

  • Manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. Lead time is 4-6 weeks from the time you order, for 100 pieces and under. (We have no minimums on orders depending on current stock, if stock is low, minimums are 8 pieces per color)
  • For orders above 100 pieces lead time may take longer.  Shipping is complimentary for orders over 50 pieces. 
  • Orders are shipped from Concord, CA and can take 3-5 business days. 

 -Key Design Features of our Signature Robes:

  • Our key design features are our notch lapel collar, adjustable voluminous sleeves and satin hand sewn on buttons 
  • Each robe is finished with luxury French seams to ensure the most comfortable wear that can stand the test of time. This carefully crafted finish creates a much stronger seam that allows the garment to hold well during many wears and washes as well as avoid any threads that can irritate the skin.  
  • Adjustable sleeve width with button closures. Our voluminous wide sleeves can be easily adjusted to a more tailored sleeve fit for your liking.
  • Satin covered buttons, sewn on by hand. 
  • Interior tie for added coverage.
  • Detachable waist belt  
  • Front loop to securely hold waist belt
  • Machine washable (on delicate) and hang to dry 



- Color + Size Availability - Women’s Robe

  • Our women’s signature robes come in 3 sizes: XS/S, M, and L/XL
  • We offer 2 colors year round: black and white
  • We change our prints bi-yearly and prints may have limited availability, we currently have 6 prints in stock:
  1. “Simone” ivory and black animal print
  2. “Valentina” mauve pink and gold marble
  3. “Faith” sky blue and white marble 
  4. “Vivianne” black, white and shades of green palm/floral 
  5. “Gisele” black and mocha animal leopard 
  6. “Clementine” navy, white, and hints of orange floral 


  • Signature solid color robes: Wholesale $148.50 // Suggested retail $297
  • Signature print color robes: Wholesale $146.50  // Suggested retail $293


Still not 100% sure? Let’s just say, we love doing POP-UPS! 

We completely understand that we are a brand new company, offering a completely new product. We absolutely love to do pop-ups, it gives us both an opportunity to see how your customers like our product before jumping two feet in. We are flexible in rack space and duration of our pop-up with you.

We are open to different plans and arrangements to create the best fit. Please contact us at vanessalynne@omagesf.com to discuss the best partnership plan. 




    Meet our Founder

    Omáge founder and creative director Vanessalynne Hattar is an emerging fashion designer, who is also the founder of VANESSALYNNE: an advanced women's contemporary brand based out of San Francisco that focuses on classic femininity for the modern woman. Believing in sustainable practices from the beginning of her career- she takes pride in supporting local businesses and artisans while creating clothing that ensures the highest environmental standards. 

    Since the birth of her namesake company in 2015, Vanessalynne has developed her talent to create clothing that is exceptional, painstakingly tailored, and using only the finest quality materials that have been meticulously researched. Offering garments that are not only soft on your skin but soft on the planet as well. 

    Vanessalynne strives to give her clients luxury season-less pieces that are accessible, versatile, wears well, washes well, drapes beautifully and will stay with you for years to come. 


    We would love the opportunity to come by and let you experience our product firsthand, there is nothing that compares to feeling the fabric in your hands and experiencing the drape and silhouette on your body. Please email us at vanessalynne@omagesf.com to schedule your meeting with us. We look forward to working together.